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File Extension OCX

OCX files are associated with applications that run on the Windows operating system. OCX files allow you to use Windows functions, such as scroll bars, resizing of windows, and other functions included in the operating system. It is common to find files that contain the OCX extension in the directory of Windows.

OCX stands for OLE Control Extension and is a custom control file format that is commonly used with ActiveX forms and other Windows applications. OLE stands for Object Linking and Embedding, which is the former name for ActiveX Controls. ActiveX is an exclusive Windows program which is created in Visual Basic or by using the C++ programming language.

In addition to Windows functions, OCX files are commonly used with the Internet Explorer web browser to facilitate the use of Internet media and to load software applications in the browser. You can think of OCX files as the equivalent to Java applets which allow you to access specific functions using Windows. Because the file is self-sufficient, unfortunately it is also used for malicious purposes by Internet hackers to insert malware on your PC without your knowledge.

OCX files are implemented in Windows as Dynamic Link Library (DLL) component, which can be used by a variety of applications and programs in Windows.

How to Open OCX Files

OCX files are capable of running independently and typically have some type of activity attached to them. For this reason, you should use caution when opening this type of file. Prior to opening an OCX file, you should right click on the file you want to view and then choose Properties from the submenu. In the Properties window click on the Details tab to view the file description and other information associated with the file.

Once you are sure the OCX file is legitimate, you can double click on the file to open it in the appropriate application. Since there can be a myriad of programs associated with OCX files, double clicking on the file will automatically open it in the corresponding application.

You can also use Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional to open and view OCX files. Visual Studio provides an integrated environment that allows you to view and edit the code contained in OCX files. Once you have Visual Studio installed, you simply click on File and then choose Open from the drop-down menu. Browse for the OCX file, select the file, and then click on OK.

One of the common problems with OCX files is that they can easily become corrupt. If you receive an error when you try to open the file, this is typically related to invalid or missing instructions in the registry. This can happen as the result of running antispyware programs and other activities. In this case, it is necessary to reinstall the software associated with the OCX file or run a registry cleaner to resolve the error in the OCX file.