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File Extension NUMBERS

Files that contain the extension NUMBERS are related to iWork Numbers by Apple. iWork Numbers is a spreadsheet application which is part of the iWork productivity suite. NUMBERS files are spreadsheet documents and a format exclusively created by iWorks.

NUMBERS files are basically archive files which contain data associated with XML (Extensible Markup Language), information contained in the document itself, settings, images, charts, and graphs. Depending upon how the spreadsheet is set up, NUMBERS files can also contain formulas which define how the content in each cell is to be calculated. The formulas can be alphanumeric, numeric, or in text format.

How to Open NUMBERS Files

Since NUMBERS files are created by iWork Numbers, you can easily open and view this type of file using iWorks if you happen to have the program installed on your PC. iWorks is specifically designed for the Mac OS X platform. If you do not have access to this program, there are several other methods you can use to open a NUMBERS file.

NUMBERS files are container files. This means that they contain compiled data in a compressed format. You should be able to open a NUMBERS file with a decompression program such as WinZip or WinRAR by changing the NUMBERS extension to ZIP and then opening the file with the decompression software. NUMBERS files are also archive files, so you may also be able to open the file using an archive application that is capable of opening ZIP files.

Another option for opening NUMBERS files is to use conversion software that will convert the file to another format such as XLS or XLSX for Excel or PDF (Portable Document Format), which is a universal document format that can be read by any operating system or platform. There is a variety of file conversion programs which are both free and paid and can be downloaded from the CNET website.

Also, if you have access to iWorks Numbers, the program supports file conversion and exporting. Using iWorks, you can convert NUMBERS files to another format, such as XLS, XLSX, and PDF.

If you want to use OpenOffice, it is necessary to convert NUMBERS files to an XLS format before you can open and edit them using OpenOffice, which is an open source suite of office applications available as a free download from

You can also opt to use a file conversion website such as When you log onto the website you simply browse for the NUMBERS file on your PC, upload it to the Zamzar site, enter your email address and click on Convert. Zamzar will convert the file and then forward it to your email inbox.