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File Extension NJB

The file extension NJB is associated with the Nikon Digital SLR, which is a digital camera manufactured by the Nikon Corporation. NJB files organize and index photos which are taken with a Nikon digital camera.

The NJB file is categorized as a miscellaneous or various data file type which is saved to an SD memory card used with a Nikon digital camera. NJB files are used to organize and index photos on an SD memory card and do not contain the actual image data. The files are created with Nikon firmware and are not meant to be opened manually but can be edited using a compatible software application.

NJB files are commonly found in a folder on the SD memory card which is marked MISC and are used by the playback menu in a Nikon digital camera. The menu uses the files to choose playback features such as image protection options and SD card format.

How to Open NJB Files

The file extension NJB is not meant to be opened manually since it is an essential part of Nikon firmware and the camera playback menu. The best way to open NJB files is by inserting the SD card into a Nikon digital camera and then accessing the playback menu which uses the NJB files as a reference.

Another option you can use to open NJB files is to use the Nikon Capture NX 2 software application which is available on the Nikon Store website. Nikon Capture provides a set of tools for photo editing, including selection control points powered by U technology, auto retouch, color controls, shadow and highlight adjustment, camera RAW conversions from the Nikon camera, noise reduction, contrast and brightness controls, straighten and crop tools, and other components which are used for professional photo editing.

Nikon Capture NX 2 will also integrate with other Nikon software to extend the capabilities of working with camera RAW photos taken with a Nikon digital camera. Other Nikon software includes Image Authentication Software, Camera Control Pro 2, and Transfer and ViewNX. The Image Authentication Software application tracks information and data on each image, including a description and file path for the image for a variety of different uses.

The Camera Control Pro 2 software application provides tools for capturing unique images remotely, provides LiveView support for captured images, saves tone compensation curves and is compatible with WiFi. The Transfer and View NX is used to handle NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) better and can transfer NEF files to your computer so they can be opened in the View feature for the purpose of conversion and adjustment.

Nikon Capture NX is offered in a paid version on the Nikon Store website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system version XP and later.