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File Extension MODD

The file extension MODD is associated with Sony Picture Motion Browser, which is an application produced by Sony that provides a comprehensive set of tools for organizing and viewing photos and videos. The multimedia content is organized in chronological order to provide the user with a timeline of events. Picture Motion Browser also offers features which allow you to edit and improve images as well as save video clips as still images to create a movie story.

The file extension MODD is categorized as a data file type which contains metadata related to a video that was created using a Sony camcorder device. The metadata pertains to image, audio, and video clips but does not include the actual clips themselves.

The contents of an MODD file can also include the M2TS file extension, which is a video file that is stored in a high definition format. If there are audio files, then the file extension MODD can contain MPG files in addition to dates, times, and other information which pertains to multimedia created with a Sony camcorder or digital camera.

How to Open MODD Files

If a MODD file was imported to your PC using a Sony camcorder or digital camera, double click on the file to see if it will open in a default application you have installed on your PC. MODD files can be opened using multiple applications, so you may already have a program installed which will open the file.

The most common way to open MODD files is by using the Sony Picture Motion Browser software application. Sony Picture Motion Browser is typically included in a Sony VAIO PC. The application is also available as a standalone download on the Sony VAIO website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

The file extension MODD contains metadata associated with audio, video, and images without containing the actual multimedia files. This means you may be able to open and view the contents of an MODD file using a text editing program depending upon the contents.

If you are using the Windows operating system, you can open the file extension MODD using Notepad or WordPad which is typically included in the Windows operating system. In this case, you can open a MODD file by right clicking the file and then choosing Open With from the drop-down menu. Select the text editing program you want to use or click Browse to locate the application and then choose Always use this program to open the file.

For Mac OS X, you can open the file extension MODD using Apple TextEdit which is usually included in the Mac operating system. AbiSource AbiWord, MacroMates TextMate, or MacVim will also open MODD files on a Mac PC.

For the Linux operating system, you can use AbiSource AbiWord, gEdit, Leafpad, Pico, Nano Editor, or Vim to open and view the contents of MODD files.