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File Extension MOBI

The file extension MOBI is associated with a Mobipocket books file, which is a binary file format used to deliver digital eBooks. The Mobipocket format is one of many extensions which are used for the distribution of eBooks to a variety of different eBook reading applications and devices.

The file extension MOBI is an eBook file type that contains text, HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), images, and other data that is used to deliver a digital book. The file can also contain DRM (Digital Rights Management) data which protects the intellectual rights of the eBook author and prevents unauthorized distribution of the eBook publication.

Mobipocket files can be encrypted or unencrypted, which means the unencrypted files can be read using a variety of eBook reader applications and PC operating systems. Each application is designed to read MOBI files that are encrypted or unencrypted. Amazon also recently introduced KindleGen which allows you to convert traditional documents to the file extension MOBI.

How to Open MOBI Files

The most common way to open the MOBI file is by using the Mobipocket Reader Desktop, which is an application that allows you to store multiple eBooks, eNews publications, and self-published documents on your PC. The application provides a way to download MOBI files so they can be read on mobile devices in addition to a PC. Mobipocket Reader Desktop is available for download on the Mobipocket website and is compatible with the Windows operating system.

If you use Windows or Mac OS X, you can open the MOBI file using Amazon Kindle, which is an eBook reader application produced by Amazon. Kindle is available for download on the Amazon website and is available as Kindle for PC used with Windows or Kindle for Mac designed for a Mac PC. You can also opt to purchase the Amazon Kindle eReader device which is available on the Amazon website in a variety of different models.

There is a variety of third-party multiplatform applications that will open the file extension MOBI. For Windows, Mac OS X, or the Linux operating system, you can use Calibre, which is an eBook reader available for download on the Calibre website. Geometer Plus FBReader will also open MOBI files on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux as well. FBReader is available as a free download on the website.

For the Android operating system, you can open the file extension MOBI using Cool Reader, which is an open source eReader available on the SourceForge website. Cool Reader is also compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and the Linux operating system.