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File Extension MENC

The file extension MENC is associated with Windows Mobile, which is a mobile operating system designed for use with Microsoft mobile devices. MENC files are typically used with a Storage Card on Microsoft Mobile devices for the purpose of identifying which files can and cannot be opened when the Storage Card is used with other mobile devices.

The file extension MENC is an encrypted file type and contains a variety of different data which is encrypted by the mobile device user. The MENC format provides a way to secure files which cannot be decrypted unless there is a match with the original decryption key. MENC files that are encrypted include the original file name and extension plus another file that is named [GUID].menc.

GUID stands for Globally Unique Identifier and is a unique number which is produced by Windows Mobile for the purpose of encrypting a file on a Storage Card. When the Storage Card is used with another device, the file that contains the unique number can only be opened using a device that is able to identify the GUID. If the device does not know the number, the file is secure and cannot be opened on that specific device. Each encrypted MENC file that is encrypted on the Storage Card is assigned a unique GUID number.

How to Open MENC Files

Since the file extension MENC is an encrypted file type, there is a limited number of ways you can open and view the contents of the file. You must use the Windows Mobile device which created the encrypted MENC file or another Windows Mobile device which is authorized to read the unique GUID number.

If you have authorized other Windows Mobile devices to read the file extension MENC, you can open the file by using Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1, which is an application that allows you to set up partnerships and synchronize content with other Windows Mobile devices. Windows Mobile Device Center provides you with a platform for synchronization of business data and documents between mobile devices. This includes authorizing other Windows Mobile devices to read encrypted MENC files. Windows Mobile Device Center is available on the Microsoft website.

You can also use Microsoft ActiveSync which allows you to sync Windows Mobile devices and transfer data between each device. You can use ActiveSync to synchronize Windows Mobile devices with Windows-based PCs and Microsoft Outlook email client. ActiveSync 4.5 is the newest version and is available on the Microsoft website.