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File Extension MBF

The file extension MBF is associated with Microsoft Money or Stardent AVS X. Microsoft Money is a software application that is used for personal financial management and planning. Microsoft Money was discontinued more than a year ago, including Microsoft tech support for the application. Stardent AVS X is a program which was released in the early 1990s for the purpose of creating headers for audio visual images that can be read by Macintosh and Motorola processors.

If the file extension MBF is related to Microsoft Money, the file is a backup file type that contains financial data created with the Microsoft Money software application. The contents can include numerical data, mathematical formulas, text, spreadsheet data, and other elements which are typically used for personal finance.

MBF files that are associated with Stardent AVS X are an image file type that contains bitmaps in an Application Visualization Software (AVS) format. The format includes a header in an 8 byte file size which includes an ordered format of pixels which can be read by Macintosh and Motorola machines.

How to Open MBF Files

MBF files that are related to Microsoft Money can be opened by the Microsoft Money financial software application if you happen to have access to the program. You can still obtain copies of Microsoft Money on the Microsoft website or on websites such as Amazon and others. Microsoft also offers Money Plus Sunset Deluxe on the Microsoft website which will open file extension MBF. Both programs are compatible with the Windows operating system.

If the Microsoft Money MBF files happen to be saved to a CD as a disk image, you can convert the file to another format for use with a broader range of applications. If you use Windows, you can convert the disk image using MagicISO, which is available as a free download on the MagicISO website.

If the MBF file extension is associated with Stardent AVS X, you can open the file using XnView, which is freeware that allows you to open and view graphics files. XnView is available as a free download on the XnView website and is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android.

If the Stardent AVS X MBF file extension is displayed with an MBFS extension, it may be possible to open the file using any text editing program since it is a source code file type. If you use Windows, you can open the file with WordPad, Notepad, or Microsoft Word. For Mac OS X, you can use Apple TextEdit, TextMate, or Apple Pages. If you use the Linux operating system, you can open the files with AbiWord, gEdit, or Vim.