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File Extension MAPIMAIL

The file extension MAPIMAIL is associated with the Microsoft Windows operating system and the default mail application in Windows which is typically Microsoft Outlook. MAPIMAIL files assist with the menu file settings when sending files to a designated recipient using the default mail application in Windows.

The MAPIMAIL file extension is categorized as a system file type which contains data that facilitates the Send To option on the drop-down menu whenever you right click on a file. This option allows Windows users to easily attach files to an email message by right clicking on the designated file and then choosing Send To and Mail Recipient from the submenu. This process automatically opens the default mail application in Windows, so the file can be easily attached to the email message.

In some instances, the Send To option on the drop-down menu comes up missing as a result of normal operating system use. This issue is commonly associated with Windows 7 but can occur in other versions of Windows as well.

How to Open MAPIMAIL Files

Since the file extension MAPIMAIL is a system file type, the file is not meant to be opened manually unless you are a developer. One exception to opening system files of this type is if the MAPIMAIL file has been created using a text editing application. This process would be for the purpose of restoring the Send To option on the drop-down menu for mail recipients. In this case, the file can be opened using any text editing application in Windows such as Notepad or WordPad.

The file extension MAPIMAIL is commonly used to restore the Send To option on the drop-down menu when you right click on the file and discover the option is missing. To accomplish this, you can replace the missing file using Notepad which can be accessed by clicking on Start on the main toolbar and then navigating to All Programs. On the All Programs menu choose Accessories and then click on Notepad on the submenu. If you are using Windows 7, you can find Notepad simply by typing the term in the Search box.

Open Notepad and then leave the page in the application blank. Save the blank file with the filename Mail Recipient.MAPIMAIL. Also, when you choose the directory using the Save As option, make sure you save the file in the following location: C:\Documents and Settings\[your account username here]\Send To\. Once you click on Save, go back to the file you wish to attach to the email and right click on it. You should be able to see the Send To option once again listed in the drop-down menu.