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File Extension M4P

M4P file extension can be associated with one of two different types of applications which include Apple iTunes and Sage MAS 90. If M4P files are related to Apple iTunes, they are protected audio files that use Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) with DRM (Digital Rights Management). This type of M4P file is downloaded from the Apple iTunes Music Store with copyright protection that limits the number of devices you can use to play the file. Additionally, you must gain authorization to use the M4P file by entering your username and password into the Apple iTunes program. Then you can use the M4P file on up to five different devices.

If the M4P file extension is associated with Sage MAS 90, then it is a file that contains data for accounting and business management applications. Sage MAS 90 is ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software that works with Windows, NetWare, and SQL (Structured Query Language) Server networks.

The programs include modules that contain user-defined fields, automated data import and export, and third party add-on applications. M4P files for Sage MAS 90 contain data for business intelligence and reporting, time and project management, manufacturing and distribution, fixed assets, fax and email solutions.

How to Open M4P Files

If you are uncertain about the M4P file type, you can double click on the file to see if it will open in a default application you have installed on your PC. If you are unable to access the file, it will be necessary to use the appropriate method that corresponds with the M4P format.

If the M4P file is associated with Apple iTunes, you can open and play it using Apple iTunes for Windows or Mac. You can also use Apple Quick Time Player which works with both Windows and Mac-based PCs. Programs such as Winamp Media Player with the M4P plugin and MediaMonkey also work well for opening M4P files in Windows.

If you prefer to use a cross platform application to open and play M4P files, you can download and install VideoLAN VLC Media Player which works with Windows, Linux, Android, and Mac OS X. VLC Media player is open source and can be downloaded from the VideoLAN website free of charge.

Since this type of M4P file is protected by Digital Rights Management, if you want to convert M4P to another format, it is necessary to use a program such as Aimersoft DRM Media Converter which is available as a free trial from the Aimersoft website.

If the M4P file is associated with Sage MAS 90, it is necessary to have access to this program in order to open and view the file. Depending upon the file content, you may be able to open and view the file using a text editor such as Wordpad for Windows, TextEdit for Mac, or gedit for Linux. This type of M4P file originates from an enterprise software application which is typically run on a corporate server.