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File Extension LUA

The file extension LUA is associated with Lua, which is a scripting language that is used to extend the capabilities of many different applications and computer games. The Lua scripting language has also been used in a variety of industrial programs such as Photoshop Lightroom by Adobe Systems. The scripting language is popular due to its ability to be agile, embeddable, and versatile due to its capability to work with a variety of different platforms that use a standard C compiler.

Files that contain the extension LUA are a source code and script file type that contains code which determines the actions to be taken by your PC when running programs and applications. The script in the file supports automated processes for operating systems and the applications that run on them.

LUA source code files are compact to avoid adding any unnecessary size to application files. LUA files are compiled in the form of a tarball which is created by a TAR utility program. TAR is a UNIX-based utility which is used for packaging multiple files into one folder. Although TAR is actually an archiving tool, it is also known as a zero compression archiver. Multiple files can be archived using TAR format, but they are not compressed as in a ZIP file. After archiving TAR files, you can use a compression utility program to compress the files.

The tarball for LUA only occupies 245K (kilobits) in a compressed format and 960K using a TAR utility program. Plus, the interpreter that reads the LUA code is very compact and does not take up an excessive amount of space.

How to Open LUA Files

Since LUA files can be opened with multiple programs and applications, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. These files typically consist of plain text file types, so you may already have an appropriate program.

For a Windows-based PC, you can open LUA files using any text editor such as Notepad or WordPad. Simply right click on the file and choose Open With from the drop-down menu. On the submenu click on the text editor you want to use or click on Browse if the program is not in the list.

Select a program from the list of installed programs, place a check mark in the box next to Always use this program to open this file type, and then click on OK. Whenever you want to open a file that contains the LUA extension, it will automatically use the text editor as the default application for opening the file.

If the LUA file contains source code and scripts for gaming applications used with Windows, you can open the file using World of Warcraft Interface AddOn Kit by Blizzard Entertainment or World of Warcraft AddOn Studio.

For Mac OS X, you can open LUA files using any text editing program compatible with Mac such as TextMate or Apple TextEdit. You can also use the C or C++ Compiler, which is provided by the GNU Project and is available as a free download on the website.

If the LUA file contains source code and script files for games compatible with Mac OS X, you can use Rovio Mobile Angry Birds, which is available on the Rovio website or the World of Warcraft Interface AddOn Kit by Blizzard Entertainment.

For the Linux operating system, you can open LUA files using Emacs or C and C++ Compiler. Both programs are open source and available as a free download on the website. You can also use any text editing program for Linux such as gEdit, Vim, or Nano Editor.