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File Extension LOG1

The file extension LOG1 is associated with the Microsoft Windows operating system and is a file which is part of the Windows registry. The registry is a centralized location where settings and other critical configuration files are stored for the purpose of operating different components in the Windows operating system. The components include various programs and applications, operating system settings, configurations, and essential file associations.

The LOG1 file extension is categorized as a system file type which stores log files that contain records of different changes made over a period of time to the Microsoft Windows registry. LOG1 files are commonly known as Hive Log Files and are part of a large series of files which make up the registry hive. The LOG1 file is the initial file which is then followed by LOG2, LOG3, etc.

The file extension LOG1 is commonly located in the Windows Directory under your Windows username or in the configuration folder which is located inside of the System32 folder. These folders are located by clicking on Start on the main toolbar and then choosing My Computer from the menu. In the My Computer window, click on the C Drive and then select Windows.

How to Open LOG1 Files

LOG1 files are saved in Windows Directory in a binary file format. The file also takes on a “hidden file” status. By default, Windows is designed to hide files which are a critical part of the operating system. This is to prevent users from accessing the file and inadvertently altering the contents which could render programs and applications, drivers, hardware, or the entire operating system useless. That said you should exercise caution when opening hidden files and folders in Windows.

If you cannot locate the file extension LOG1 in any of the locations mentioned above or the file is faded out in a lighter color than the other folders, the file is classified as a hidden file folder. Clicking on the faded out folder usually results in a message that states “You do not have permission to view this file.” In this case, you must change the settings for hidden file folders to open and view the contents of LOG1 files.

To access a hidden LOG1 file, you can set Windows Explorer to display hidden file extensions as opposed to going into the registry to view the file. You can do this by clicking on Start and then choosing My Computer from the menu.

In the My Computer window click on the C Drive and then click on Tools on the main toolbar. Choose Folder Options from the drop-down menu and allow the list to load. Remove the check mark next to Hide File Extensions and then click Apply and OK. This will allow you to locate the file extension LOG1 in the Windows Directory so you can open the file and view the contents.

If you are tech savvy and comfortable working with the registry, you can open a LOG1 file in the registry by clicking on Start on the main toolbar and then choosing Run from the menu. In the Run command, type in regedit and then press the Enter key. When the registry window opens, click on Edit on the upper toolbar and then select Find from the drop-down menu. Type in LOG1 in the search command and then press the Enter key. This will allow Windows registry to search and automatically locate the LOG1 file. As an important reminder, do not alter the registry if you are unfamiliar with it to prevent causing damage to the Windows operating system.