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File Extension JSPA

The file extension JSPA is associated with WebWork OpenSymphony or it can be defined as a Java Servlet file. OpenSymphony is an open source project which provides J2EE applications and components for enterprises. The components are designed to meet specifications for compliance to ensure proper functioning on any J2EE compliant application server.

Java Servlets are server side Java program modules which establish a servlet interface whenever the module receives a client request. The client request is delivered via a web browser so the module can process the request from the server side of the Internet. Basically a Java servlet acts as an intermediary between the client using a web browser and the server by offering a way to easily handle web requests so the appropriate data can be sent back to the client.

If the file extension JSPA is related to WebWork OpenSymphony, the file is categorized as a source code and script file type that contains Java servlet data used with the OpenSymphony web application framework. It is based on the Pull Hierarchal Model View Controller which provides developers with a way to use procedural programming or an object oriented approach for building sophisticated web applications. The web applications which are built with PHMVC are capable of separating business logic from the visual presentation of the application.

If the file extension JSPA is associated with a Java Servlet, the file is categorized as a web file type which stores a shortcut to a Java Servlet file. The shortcut is also known as an alias, which means this type of JSPA file is commonly known as a Java Servlet alias file. The alias is used to indicate the name of the path and mapping guidelines a Java Web Server uses to call up Java servlets. On the client side, it allows web surfers to use a shortcut URL address to summon a servlet using a web browser.

How to Open JSPA Files

If you are on the client side of a Java Web Server, you can open JSPA files using any web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera, and others. The web browsers work with a variety of corresponding platforms such as Windows, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, Solaris, and the Linux operating system. The browser you use must have the Java application installed which is available as a free download on the Oracle website.

If you are on the server side of a Java Web Server and you are a developer, you can open JSPA files related to WebWorks using the WebWorks OpenSymphony open source project J2EE. It is available at no cost on the SourceForge website.

If the file extension JSPA is defined as a Java Servlet alias file, as a developer you can open the file using any type of web server with J2EE installed. J2EE stands for Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition and is a platform designed for computing infrastructures used by large enterprises. J2EE platforms simplify application development for large enterprises by creating standardized modular components which can be reused for other computing tasks.