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File Extension JSP

The file extension JSP is related to the Java Server Pages file format and helps to deliver customized server side content on a website through the use of Java servlets. Java Server Pages are pages that contain Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) which makes the pages capable of controlling the content or the appearance of web pages in a variety of browsers. JSP files reference Java servlets and Java server side applets which are used to modify a web page before it is sent to the end user’s browser.

JSP files contain data related to servlets and applets and assist with keeping the Java codes under wraps since the files run on the server side of a website. Java servlets are small programs that run on a server and are sent as a separate file with a web page in order to calculate the end user’s activity or reposition an image based on the end user’s interaction with the web page. Java applets are also small programs which perform interactive animations and other activities without having to send the end user’s request back to the server.

JSP files are created by Sun Microsystems and are primarily used for creating dynamic web pages and accessing database information on a web server. JSP files are also parsed, so the end user never sees the JSP code and instead, the HTML code is sent to the end user’s browser.

How to Open JSP Files

JSP files are designed to be cross platform. This means they can be opened with any operating system which has a web browser with Java installed. Since JSP files originate from websites, the primary means of opening them is with your web browser when you visit a dynamic web page. There are a number of other operating system-specific programs to open JSP files.

If you run Windows, you can open JSP files using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 which is a website creation program that allows you to work with JSP files. Other programs such as ES-Computing EditPlus, Progress Stylus Studio, and Eclipse IDE for Java Developers will also open JSP files and allow you to edit them.

If you use Mac OS X, you can open JSP files using MacroMates TextMate or you can edit JSP files using Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 and Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.

For the Linux operating system you can open and edit JSP files using ES-Computing EditPlus or Richardson EditRocket. Eclipse IDE for Java Developers is also compatible with Linux and capable of opening and editing JSP files.

If you want to simply view the contents of a JSP file, any text editor which works with the corresponding operating system will allow you to open and view JSP file content.