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File Extension ITL

Files that contain the ITL extension belong to the iTunes Library and are created by Apple. An ITL file is used to provide information on what music tracks are available for use with the iTunes program. ITL files store information related to your database of songs, but they do not contain the actual song files.

There are two basic types of ITL files which include iTunes Library.itl and iTunes Library.xml. The ITL library files contain data associated with playlists you have created and the music tracks you have included in your library. In some instances, ITL library files also contain data that is specific to the songs you have included in your library. If the file is deleted, another ITL file will be created the next time you open the application; however, any data you have created up until that point will be lost.

The XML library files contain a portion of the data that is stored in the ITL library files, but the primary purpose of the XML library file is to make your music tracks and playlists available to other applications. If you delete the file, iTunes can create a new copy using the ITL library file. In the event your ITL file is damaged, you can create a new ITL file by using the XML library file.

How to Open ITL Files

Since ITL files are exclusively an iTunes Library file created by Apple, the most common method that is used to open an ITL file is by using the iTunes program. This program is available in both Windows and Mac versions and allows you to open and listen to iTunes music on your PC or mobile device. You can also use the iTunes program to share videos and audio recordings with other users.

ITL files can also be opened by other programs. For example, if you have a gaming file that has a binary format included in the ITL file, you can open the file using IntelliTipster. This is a betting program that you can use to track the game you have stored in an ITL file.

It is also possible to open an ITL file using iMovie in Mac. When you download the ITL file from your iPod, the file merges with the XML library file. The XML file also defines the ITL extension as a protocol and automatically sorts the information during the process of launching the iTunes software.

ITL Files and Cisco

ITL files can also be associated with Cisco and the migration of IP phones between different CUCM (Cisco Unified Communications Manager) clusters on a network. Cisco Unified IP phones require an ITL (Initial Trust List) file to authenticate their configuration and to utilize support configuration files encryption. In this instance, the ITL file contains the initial trust list, certificate information for the TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server which authenticates the ITL file signature and does not require the use of eTokens that is a private key to a TFTP server.