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File Extension ITHMB

The file extension ITHMB is associated with Apple and is used with devices such as the iPad, iPod, and the iPhone. ITHMB files are an image file type that displays images when you are viewing files in a list format. ITHMB files are automatically created when images are saved to an Apple device.

ITHMB files are typically in a thumbnail format, so they can be easily displayed next to files, programs, and applications that are being viewed in a list on an Apple mobile device. The files are in a 16-bit uncompressed format and contain a series of images which are created in different resolutions. The purpose of the variety of resolutions is to provide a way for the thumbnails to be displayed on different screen sizes.

ITHMB files were originally proprietary to the iPod, but they are also used with the iPhone and iPad and any other devices that run on iOS. The resolutions are displayed in order so they can be conveniently viewed when opening ITHMB files.

How to Open ITHMB Files

Although ITHMB files are proprietary to Apple devices, there are a number of applications you can use to open this file type in Windows, in addition to Mac OS.

In Windows you can open these files using Dec Software iThmb Converter, which is a software program specially designed to recover images stored on Apple devices. The program is compatible with the Windows operating system and is capable of working with most image formats, including JPEG, BMP, and PNG. You can also use Tansee iPod Transfer Photo, which is available as a free trial download from the Tansee website. Other programs that will open ITHMB files in Windows include DigiDNA PicsAid and CompuClever Ultra File Opener.

For Mac OS, you can open ITHMB files using DigiDNA Pics Aid, which is designed to recover lost images, copy images to other devices, and open ITHMB files so you can view the image contents. DigiDNA Pics Aid is available for download from the DigiDNA website. Other programs that will open ITHMB images in Mac OS include Echo One File Juicer, which will allow you to drag and drop ITHMB files to allow File Juicer to search for the contents, and Lemkesoft GraphicConverter or iPod Photo Reader.

You can also opt to convert an ITHMB file to another image format by using a file conversion program. There is a variety of conversion applications available on the CNET website, or you can use an online conversion website such as Zamzar which will convert the file for you free of charge. Simply log onto the website, browse for the ITHMB file, choose the new format, enter your email address, and then click on Convert. Within minutes you will receive the new file format in your email inbox.