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File Extension INX

INX file extension is associated with one of four different programs and applications. INX files can be related to Adobe InDesign and serve as a file format that is used for exporting purposes to allow different versions of InDesign to be compatible with one another. In this case the INX file contains data in XML format for an INDD file, which is an InDesign document containing various formatting and graphics content.

INX files are also associated with InstallShield software which is an application used for creating installers and software packages. In this instance, INX files contain data related to the InstallShield software program and provide a compiled version of the data. The uncompiled version is referred to in the RUL file extension.

Files that contain the INX extension can also be related to an ACL Windows index file. ACL is an analytics application that allows business organizations to perform a complete analysis of enterprise data. In this case INX files contain data and codes that execute the ACL software program for data analysis.

INX files can also be a plugin or add-on used with Inkscape which is an open source vector graphics editor that performs illustration tasks. INX files which are related to Inkscape contain data related to the utilization of the Inkscape program.

How to Open INX Files

If you are unsure what program the INX file is associated with, you can try double clicking on the file to see if it opens in a default program you have installed on your PC. If the file is found on your PC, chances are you may have the proper application installed for opening it.

If you cannot open the file, another alternative is to run a trial by downloading and installing the programs we mentioned earlier. You should be able to open the file with one of four of these programs.

You may also be able to save time by attempting to open and view the contents of the INX file using a text editor. If you can learn what program created the file, you will have a better handle on which application to download in order to open it. If you use Windows, you can try opening an INX file using Notepad or WordPad.

Simply right click on the file and choose Open With from the drop-down menu. Select the text editor from the list or click Browse to locate the application. As an added tip, you can try right clicking on the file and then choosing Properties from the drop-down menu. Sometimes the origin of the INX file will be mentioned in the Properties window for the file.

For Mac OS X you can try to open an INX file with TextEdit and, if you use Linux, try the open source gedit program.