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File Extension INFO

Files with the file extension INFO can be associated with a number of different programs and applications. Some of the programs and functions include Amiga, GNU, ZoomBrowser, or the Opera web browser. This means that the contents of an INFO file will correspond with the program that created it.

If the INFO file is related to Amiga, then it is an icon graphics file which contains graphic image information and other information related to texts, fonts, and vector graphics, and bitmaps. Amiga is a high resolution PC with its own AmigaOS operating system. It was one of the first PCs to offer true color graphics. Amiga is used by sports arenas and TV stations to display images on large screens.

If the file extension INFO is associated with the GNU info reader for UNIX, then the file will contain text that relates to various data necessary for the operation of software applications and programs for the UNIX operating system. The format is known as Texinfo, which is the official documentation format for the GNU project.

The INFO file extension can also be related to ZoomBrowser, and in this case, the files will contain data related to images used in the ZoomBrowser photo album. The contents include thumbnail image data and information that pertains to browsing images in the photo album.

INFO may also be a file which is associated with the Opera Internet browser. In this case, the contents can include data related to browser functions, such as page zooms, mouse activities, tabbed browsing, and other functions which are necessary when using a web browser.

How to Open INFO Files

If you are unsure of the origin of a file with an INFO extension, double click on the file to see if it automatically opens in the default program associated with the file. This may save you some time trying to figure out what program created it.

If the INFO file was created by Amiga, you can open and view it using AmigaOS if you have access to it or by using XnView, which is multiplatform and works with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and UNIX operating systems.

INFO files associated with GNU info reader can be opened using the UNIX operating system. Since this type of INFO files is Texinfo and does not contain any specific format, it is very versatile and can be converted to another format using a file conversion program. Texinfo uses a single source file to produce output in a number of formats including DVI, PDF, XML, and HTML.

Texinfo also means the INFO file is a generic text file that can be opened using any text editing program, including NotePad or WordPad for Windows, Apple TextEdit for Mac OS X, or gEdit for Linux.

INFO files which are used with the Opera web browser must be opened using Opera since they relate to specific functions of the browser. The contents of this type of file may also be viewed using any text editing program as described above.