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File Extension IN_

The file extension IN_ is associated with the Microsoft Windows operating system installation CD. The installation CD is used to install Microsoft Windows on a PC and is also used for the purpose of recovery in the event of a system crash. The Microsoft Windows installation CD typically accompanies a purchase of the Windows operating system or a device which has Windows preinstalled at the time of purchase.

The file extension IN_ is categorized as a settings file type which contains Windows settings that are essential to the proper functioning of the operating system. The file is stored in a plain text format on the installation CD and is installed with Windows when the installation CD is inserted into a CD/DVDdrive.

Unlike other installation files found on a Windows installation CD, the file extension IN_ is typically not in a compressed format. Instead, IN_ files provide settings in a simple text format which assist with the installation of the Windows operating system.

How to Open IN_ Files

Since the file extension IN_ is a settings file type, the best and safest way to open the file is by using the Window operating system or by installing Windows using the installation CD. Opening a settings file which is critical to operating system processes poses a risk to inadvertently altering the contents. If the contents of a settings file are accidentally modified, this could potentially interfere with a successful installation of Windows.

If you are a Windows developer, IN_ files can be opened using different types of Windows development applications. Some of the development application include but are not limited to Microsoft Visual Studio, SharePoint, Visual C++, WebMatrix, SQL Server, and many more.

Developers can also use any text editing program to open and edit the contents of IN_ files. If you are using Windows, you can use Notepad or WordPad, which is a common part of the Windows operating system. There are also a variety of open source text editing applications which work with Windows as well as other operating systems, including Mac OS X and Linux. Some of the free text editing applications include AbiSource AbiWord, gEdit, GNU Emacs, Leafpad, Pico, Nano Editor, PSPad, TextPad, Geany, and Vim.

It is important to mention that due to the purpose the file extension IN_ serves, it is not recommended the file be converted to another format. First, the format may not be compatible with the Windows operating system, which can cause problems with installation, and second, there is no reason to convert this file to another format since it is solely used for a successful installation of Windows.