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File Extension IMG

Files that contain the IMG extension can be associated with multiple programs and applications and various file types. The IMG file extension is most commonly related to the Macintosh Disk Image created by Apple for use with CD/DVD media applications. In this instance, IMG files are similar to ISO files, which means they can be accessed using a variety of applications.

IMG files can also be associated with Disk Image Data that is created by multiple disk imaging applications which use different formats. In this case, the data in an IMG file stores an exact duplicate of the data which is burned to a CD or DVD disk.

If the IMG file extension is created using ERDAS IMAGINE, the file will contain data related to geographical information, such as maps, images, points and raster layers. ERDAS IMAGINE is an authoring program for creating geospatial information.

IMG files can also be associated with Rockstar Games and more specifically, the Grand Theft Auto gaming application. IMG files created by this application will contain data related to games, such as images, objects, and elements that describe specific gaming functions.

How to Open IMG Files

If you are unsure of the origin of an IMG file, double click on it to see if it automatically opens in a default application. If the file was created on your PC, chances are you have the appropriate program installed for opening this format.

If the IMG file has been created as a Macintosh Disk Image, it can be mounted as a hard disk that is recognized by Mac OS X. In this case, you can open an IMG file using Apple Disk Utility or by using Roxio Toast 11, which will open and read IMG files on a Mac PC.

IMG files which have been created using disc imaging programs can be opened using SpySoft CloneCD, H+H Software Virtual CD, or Smart Projects ISOBuster. These programs are compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system. For Mac OS X, you can use Apple Disk Utility and Roxio Toast 11 to open this type of IMG file.

If the IMG file is a raster image, you can open it using ERDAS IMAGINE or ESRI ArcGIS Desktop. Both of these programs are designed for Windows and will allow you to open and view raster images associated with geographical maps. GDAL is an open source geospatial data application that will open IMG files of this type in Windows as well.

IMG files that are created with Rockstar Games can be opened using Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, San Andreas, or Grand Theft Auto 4. This type of IMG file can also be opened using ImgEd, which is an open source archive editor, or Open IV, which is a Rockstar advanced game engine.