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File Extension IFO

IFO files are information files related to DVDs and videos and are typically associated with VRO and VOB video files. This is because they are used in conjunction with VRO and VOB files which contain the actual video and audio data.

IFO files are used with VRO and VOB files since they do not contain video and audio data. Instead, the content contains information which is related to the video itself. In other words, IFO files act as an index for the contents of a VRO or VOB file. The contents of an IFO file are typically shown as soon as you launch the video or DVD and include chapter headings for skipping around different sections of the video, subtitles, and the location of audio tracks associated with the DVD video.

IFO files are also known as Video Manager Information files since they contain the data you need in order to use the player controls for a DVD, which allow you to playback specific sections of the video.

How to Open IFO Files

IFO files are often displayed with the name VIDEO_TS.IFO and are files that are present on every DVD disk. If you are using the Windows operating system, you can open these files using a variety of DVD player applications, such as Win DVD, Cyber Link PowerDVD, and Roxio Creator. Nero 9 is also capable of opening IFO files in Windows.

If you want to open an IFO file with Mac OS X, it is necessary to use the Apple DVD Player or Roxio Toast 10 Titanium. You can also use Wired WiredStream for Mac and Roxio Popcorn 4.

If you are experienced with editing video files, it is also possible to open and edit IFO files to change where you would like to start and stop some of the audio and video features on the DVD. This requires an editing program such as IFO Edit which you can download and install from the IFO Edit website. This type of application allows you to work with the VTS sectors to make changes in the video and audio IFO files. You can also use IFO Edit to simply open and view the contents of an IFO file.

It is also important to mention, if you are inexperienced when it comes to working with IFO files, you should not attempt to open these files directly using a program such as IFO Edit. Even the smallest modifications can render the video on the DVD useless since DVD applications rely on IFO files to properly read the contents of a DVD and deliver the content in the proper format. In this regard, opening IFO files is not really necessary and is best left to the experts.