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File Extension ID2

The file extension ID2 is associated with Windows Live Messenger, which is an application that allows you to communicate with others over the Internet using chat and online video. Windows Live Messenger provides sharing capabilities when both users are online or the program is capable of allowing the sender to leave a message which is retrieved when the recipient logs into Live Messenger at a later time. Windows Live Messenger is created by Microsoft and is available as a free download on the Microsoft website. Messenger is also commonly preinstalled in various versions of Windows.

The file extension ID2 is categorized as a data file type which contains image data signatures and metadata associated with keyboard shortcuts and the names of different emoticons. ID2 files are designed to be used with emoticon images and avatar settings in Windows Live Messenger. The files are often used in conjunction with images that contain the DT2 file extension to facilitate the display of an emoticon associated with Live Messenger.

ID2 files are encrypted and must be decoded using the Passport User ID which belongs to the individual user and is typically stored in a subdirectory of the Live Messenger folder in the Windows operating system. Entering the ID will decrypt ID2 files, so they can be used with the Windows Live Messenger application.

How to Open ID2 Files

Since the file extension ID2 is encrypted, it is necessary to use the Passport User ID to decrypt and open the file. This can be accomplished simply by logging into the Windows Live Messenger chat application with your user ID.

Windows Live Messenger is also known as MSN (Microsoft Network) Messenger and integrates with social networks. The application supports text messages as well as online calling and video chat and is available for a variety of desktops and mobile operating systems. If you are using Windows, you may already have Windows Live Messenger installed in the operating system. If for some reason you do not have the application, you can download it free of cost from the Microsoft website. Once you install and setup the application, an ID2 file is automatically created and can be opened each time using your Live Messenger Passport User ID.

For Mac OS X, you can use Microsoft Messenger for Mac which integrates with Skype. Microsoft Messenger for Mac is available for download on the Microsoft website. ID2 files are accessed by logging into Skype with your Messenger Passport User ID in addition to accessing your contact list and the Instant Messenger feature for Microsoft Messenger.

The ID2 file extension cannot be converted to another format or opened using an alternative application due to the fact the file is in encrypted format.