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File Extension HTT

The file extension HTT is associated with the Windows operating system and is a proprietary file created by Microsoft. The purpose of an HTT file is to provide a way to control the appearance of Windows Explorer when it displays the contents of various folders in Windows. The HTT file is deployed when the contents of the folder are in HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) mode.

The HTT file extension is categorized as a system file type which contains a variety of data which controls folder content display in Windows Explorer. The content can include style settings, number format, thumbnail settings, tags for file lists, banner settings, and other components which are used to control the content display in HTML format.

HTT files are commonly stored in a subfolder which is hidden in the Windows Explorer folder settings. An HTT file uses dynamic HTML web pages as a folder template or it can use other objects to process the folder data. For this reason, the file extension HTT is known as a Hypertext Template and is similar to an HTML page. The only difference is the HTT file extension contains environment variables which are not accessible using a common HTML file. The variables include information on the path and name of the current HTT folder plus the system directory where HTT files are located.

How to Open HTT Files

As a general rule, HTT files are not meant to be opened manually unless you are a Windows developer. Opening a system file manually poses a risk of inadvertently modifying the file contents, which can cause problems with the proper functioning of the operating system. For the average user the best and safest way to open the file extension HTT is by opening Windows Explorer on the C Drive (C:\WINDOWS) in the Windows operating system. This is because the content in an HTT file is referenced by Windows to perform specific functions in Explorer.

If you are a developer, you can access HTT files by clicking on Start on the main toolbar of the desktop and then choosing My Computer from the menu. In the My Computer window click on the C Drive and then click on Tools on the main toolbar. Choose Folder Options from the drop-down menu and allow the list to load. Remove the check mark next to Hide File Extensions and then click Apply and OK. This will allow you to find the HTT file you want to open so you can view the contents.

Since HTT files contain source code, you can right click on the file and then choose Open With from the drop-down menu. When the list of applications appears, choose one of the text editing programs which are installed on your PC. The programs can include Notepad, WordPad, TextPad, Microsoft Word, or other text editing application. This will allow you to open the HTT file and view the source code which defines each function that controls how the folder contents are displayed in Windows Explorer.