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File Extension GID

The file extension GID is associated with Microsoft Windows Help and GiD. Microsoft Windows Help is a system set forth by Microsoft to assist users with support topics for the Windows operating system. GiD is a pre and postprocessor that is used for numerical simulations in science and engineering.

If the file extension GID is related to Microsoft Windows Help, it is a system file type which is a hidden file stored in the same folder as the corresponding Help file. The GID file typically has the same name as the Help file except that it uses the GID extension.

GID files are a format that is proprietary to Windows and is an online help file that is accessed using the Microsoft Help browser. The file format serves to reduce the size of the corresponding Help file by storing the tools which are used to access Windows Help instead of the actual Help information itself.

If the GID file extension is created with the GiD program, the file is a data file type that contains project directories for the GiD software application. The data includes geometrical modeling various data, and the results for a variety of numerical simulation programs.

How to Open GID Files

GID file extensions that are related to Microsoft Windows Help are meant to be opened using the Windows operating system. There is really no reason to open this type of file. If for some reason you want to view the contents of a GID file, you must make the GID extension visible in the operating system files since it is classified as a hidden file type.

To locate GID files in Windows, click on Start on the main toolbar and then choose My Computer or Computer from the menu. Click on Tools on the main toolbar and then choose Folder Options from the drop-down menu. In Folder Options, click on View and allow the list to load. Remove the check mark next to Hide extensions for known file types, click Apply and then OK. Continue to search for the GID files you want to open by typing GID in the search box.

It is also important to mention since this type of GID file is a system file type, you should use caution when opening the file to view the contents. Accidentally altering the content in a GID file can cause other issues with your operating system.

If the file extension GID is associated with GiD, you must use the GiD application to open the file. GiD is available in two different downloads on the GiD website. The download is offered in the official version and the developer’s version and includes a variety of tools and modules for working with geometric modeling. GiD is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and the Linux operating system.