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File Extension GG

Files with the file extension GG can be associated with a number of different programs and applications which include Google Desktop Gadget, SigmaC, Gridgen, Sega Game Gear, and Koala Paint. This means that GG files contain data associated with the appropriate program of origin.

GG files that are related to Google Desktop Gadget contain information that pertains to widgets and the application manager for Google Desktop. The gadgets are typically in a compressed format and will contain data for using web functions and work tasks.

If the GG file is a SigmaC file, this is a source code and script file type which is a compiled machine code created in human readable ASCII text. This type of file is commonly used with ARRIS Computer-Aided Design (CAD), which is an application for building models and sketches.

A GG file created by Gridgen is a graphics file type used by engineers to create analytics elements, such as grids and other graphics, for the purpose of engineering analysis. In this instance, the GG files contain bitmap images and vector graphics.

GG files associated with Sega Game Gear are a backup file type for a handheld gaming console produced by Sega. This type of GG file will contain duplicated data which can be used to restore files at a later date.

Koala Paint is an older image editing program used on computer systems prior to the Windows operating system. GG files created by Koala Paint contain bitmap images, raster graphics and photos.

How to Open GG Files

Since GG files can be associated with multiple programs, you can try opening a file by double clicking on it. If you happen to have the appropriate program installed, this will open the application by default.

If the GG file is related to Google Desktop Gadget, you can open it using Google Desktop, Google Chrome, or Chromium for Windows. For Mac OS X you can use Google Chrome for Mac or Chromium for Mac. If you use Linux, you can open a GG file with Google Chrome for Linux or Chromium for Linux.

SigmaC GG files can be opened using any text editing program, such as Notepad or WordPad for Windows, Apple TextEdit for Mac, or gEdit for the Linux operating system.

GG files related to the Gridgen can be opened using Pointwise Gridgen meshing software which requires the Windows platform. You can also use Google SketchUp, which is an open source CAD program that is compatible with multiple operating systems.

GG files created by Sega Game Gear can be opened with MEKA, which is a machine emulator program available as a free download from the SMS Power website. MEKA is compatible with Windows and Linux and is distributed under a BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) license.

Koala Paint GG files were formerly used with the old Commodore computers. This means that the format is very old and may not be supported; however, a few users have reported that you can open this type of GG file using XnView. It is a free program that works with Windows, Mac, and Linux and is available as a free download from the CNET website.