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File Extension GADGET

GADGET files are related to Windows sidebar gadgets which provide you with easy access to frequently used applications. The sidebar is used to help you organize gadgets and is typically used with the Vista and 7 versions of Windows. Sidebar gadgets are typically located on the side of your desktop where you can easily access them to open applications and customize your desktop.

GADGET files are small applications that contain data associated with a variety of different programs. GADGET file extension is a container format for new updates, images, slide shows, weather updates, business data, radio streams, and other information related to services on the Internet. The files are designed to integrate with other programs and applications and are typically in a compressed format.

How to Open GADGET Files

In order to open files that contain the GADGET extension, you should use Windows Sidebar. If you do not already have the sidebar installed, you can obtain a download from the Microsoft Download Center website. Windows Sidebar is the primary way to open and use GADGET files.

Since GADGET files are compressed ones, you can also open and view them using any type of decompression software, such as WinZip. Simply change the file extension to ZIP and open it using WinZip or WinRAR. GADGET files cannot be converted to another format other than using the ZIP extension to open and extract the content.

It is also possible to create your own GADGET file using the Windows operating system. Because GADGET files are packaged as a ZIP file, it is possible to create, edit, and extract ZIP files. You can do this by clicking on My Computer and choosing the C Drive, which is the most common drive for Windows Explorer folders. Then click on Tools on the upper toolbar and choose Folder Options form the drop-down menu. Find Hide extensions for known file types in the list and remove the check mark from the box next to this option.

Create a compressed folder by clicking on File and then choosing New from the drop-down menu. Click on Compressed Zip Folder, create a name for the folder and then press the Enter key. Copy all of your GADGET files into the compressed folder. Change the extension of the compressed folder from ZIP to GADGET. Open the GADGET file as a ZIP archive and you can view and edit the contents of the file.

If you want to open, view and edit GADGET files from your desktop, you can right click anywhere on your PC’s desktop and choose New from the menu. On the submenu click on Compressed Zip Folder, create a name for the folder and then press the Enter key. The new compressed folder will be displayed on your desktop as a folder icon with a zipper image.