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File Extension FBW

The file extension FBW is associated with the HP Backup and Recovery Manager application produced by Hewlett-Packard. HP Backup and Recovery Manager is an application used by enterprises for disaster recovery and to help prevent data loss when information is inadvertently deleted or an operating system experiences failure.

Backup and Recovery Manager provides data protection by taking snapshots of an operating system at scheduled intervals. The snapshots can then be stored as an image on external optical media or a protected portion of the hard drive.

File extension FBW is categorized as a backup file type which contains data related to the program or application which created the file. This can include office applications, spreadsheets, multimedia, text documents, files and folders, and any other data which is used for enterprise operations.

HP Backup and Recovery Manager creates FBW files by using a numerical system with a filename such as backup.[series of four numbers].FBW. The series of numbers starts at 001 such as backup.001.FBW and switches to four digits when it reaches 10 as in 0010. Each number in the series of backup files should be preceded by two zeros. The backup files are stored with an executable file which restores the backup files when they are accessed by the end user.

How to Open FBW Files

File extension FBW can be opened using different backup applications. The most common way to open FBW backup files is by using the HP Backup and Recovery Manager which integrates with the Windows operating system. Backup and Recovery Manager is easily accessed on a network PC by clicking on Start on the main toolbar, choosing All Programs, and then selecting the Backup and Recovery Manager on the menu. HP Backup and Recovery Manager is available on the Hewlett Packard website.

An alternative application which will open FBW backup files is File Backup Watcher by Desktop Software. It is a software application which backs up files and folders on a Windows-based PC in addition to network files and folders, email, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) data. The data can then be backed up as an image to external optical media and to a protected partition in a hard drive.

File Backup Watcher is available in a Professional Edition as well as a Lite and Free Edition. There is also a version of File Backup Watcher for MySQL and Interbase database applications. The Professional, Lite, MySQL, and Interbase Editions are available as a paid download on the DSWSoft website. The Free Edition is available on the same website as well and will open the file extension FBW. All versions of File Backup Watcher are designed for use with the Windows operating system.