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File Extension EX_

EX_ file extension indicates a compressed EXE format. EXE files are executable files responsible for running different programs and applications on your PC. EXE files are typically stored in a compressed EX_ format in an installation library to save storage space on your hard drive. When the program is installed, these files are automatically decompressed.

EX_ files contain files that are related to the EXE file they are associated with. Since there are many different programs and applications, the contents of EX_ files will vary. Although EX_files are automatically decompressed when you install a program, it is also possible to manually open them to view the contents in the event you find one of them on your PC.

How to Open EX_Files

It is possible to open an EX_ file by changing the file extension to .EXE. However, this method may not always work due to the fact an EX_ file is compressed and may require expansion in order to open and read the file.

EXE files are typically associated with the Windows operating system. In order to expand EX_ files so you can open and read the contents, you can begin by clicking on Start on the main toolbar of your desktop. If you use Windows XP, you should choose Run from the pop-up menu and then enter cmd in the command prompt. For Windows 7 you should enter the same command in the Start Search box and then press the Enter key. You can also open the command by pressing the Windows button on your keyboard and then press the R key.

In the command prompt enter cd or copy the file path into the command prompt such as C:\My Documents\filename.ex_ and then press the Enter key. Enter the following command in the command prompt: expand filename.ex_c:newfilename.exe.

If you receive an error message that states, “Cannot open output file <fileneame.ext>”, it may be because you do not have write permission for the compressed filename.ex_ file. In this case you can find the file and right click on it. Choose Properties from the drop-down menu and then remove the check mark from the box next to Read Only. Go back and run the previous command as described above and you should be able to run the expanded file in any format you choose.

EX_ files can also be created with a program called Makecab which is a compression application that is included with Windows. In this case you can decompress an EX_ file using Microsoft Expand and by using the following cmd command: expand program.ex_ program.exe.