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File Extension EPUB

Files that contain the EPUB extension are associated with an eBook publishing standard set forth by the International Digital Publishing Forum. EPUB files are known as an Open eBook File with the extension created by IDPF. Open eBook is based on an XML format for digital books and publications.

EPUB files are made up of three different open standards which include the Open Publication Structure, Open Packaging Format, and Open Container Format. All three standards originate from the IDPF and permit eBook publishers to create and distribute publications. The standards also allow consumers to access unencrypted eBooks between software and hardware.

EPUB files are a ZIP file with XML/HTML eBook content along with a XML file that defines the contents. The files contain HTML code and other elements which make up an eBook format in addition to text and images.

How to Open EPUB Files

EPUB files can be opened using a variety of applications. This type of file can also be easily edited or converted to another extension since it is a compressed file type. To open and read EPUB files, it requires an eBook reader program.

If you use Windows, EPUB files can be opened using Calibre, QuarkXPress, Kindle, Nook, or Sony Reader for PC. These are programs which are designed for reading eBooks in addition to allowing you to access other media such as newspaper and magazine content. You can also use Adobe Digital Editions. It allows you to manage eBooks and sync them with other devices. This program also acts as an eBook reader and supports both the PDF/A and EPUB format.

If you want to edit an EPUB file, you can use Adobe InDesign CS6, which is often used to create eBooks for upload to sites such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. To convert the file to another format, there are a variety of online conversion programs, such as, which allow you to upload the EPUB file and convert to another format free of charge.

For Mac OS X, you can open and read EPUB files using Kindle or Nook for Mac, Calibre for Mac, or Sony Reader for Mac. If you want to edit the EPUB file, you can use Adobe InDesign CS6, which is capable of reading a wide variety of eBook formats in addition to converting EPUB files to an alternative format.

If you use the Linux operating system, you can open EPUB files using Geometer Plus FBReader or Calibre, which is an open source eBook application that reads and manages EPUB files. You can also use KDOkular, which is a universal document viewer that supports multiple file formats, including PDF, EPUB, XPS, and PostScript.

You can also access EPUB files using your mobile phone. For iOS, Apple iBooks or Lexcycle Stanza will open and read EPUB files. The Android platform uses Sony Reader to open and manage EPUB files.