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File Extension EMP

Files with the file extension EMP are associated with multiple programs and applications which include eSignal, eMusic, Medlin Payroll, EVEMon, and Pro/ENGINEER Import. EMP files will contain data that is related to the program that created them.

EMP files that are created with eSignal are accounting and financial file types which contain data related to finances, databases, tax returns, banking transactions, and more. eSignal is trading platform software that assists individual traders and stock brokers with accessing market quotes in real time and provides tools for planning investments and stock picks.

If the EMP files originate from eMusic, they are an audio and song file type which stores audio and other data for opening and playing music files. eMusic is a download manager and online music store that allows to purchase music tracks as a download.

Medlin Payroll EMP files are accounting and financial file types which contain data related to financial transactions, tax returns, investments, personal finance, and more. Medlin Payroll software is used to prepare payroll records for a single company or multiple companies.

If the EMP files are created by EVEmon, the files contain data related to tracing the character progress for EVEmon. EVEmon is a character manager for the EVE online computer game which allows you to plan for character customization.

EMP files associated with Pro/ENGINEER are a graphics and CAD file types that contain 3D graphics, geometric data, calculations, animations, and other elements which are typically part of Computer Aided Design. Pro/ENGINEER is a program developed by Parametric Technology and is used to create designs for mechanical engineering and manufacturing.

How to Open EMP Files

Since EMP files are associated with multiple programs and applications, double click on the file to see if it can be automatically opened in a default application. If the file was created on your PC, chances are you have the appropriate program installed for opening it.

EMP files created by eSignal must be opened by installing the eSignal trading platform. eSignal is designed for PCs that run on the Windows operating system.

If the file extension EMP was created by eMusic, it is necessary to download and install the eMusic download manager. This application is multiplatform and works with Windows, Mac, and the Linux operating system.

Medlin Payroll EMP files require you to install Medlin Payroll software to open this type of EMP file. Medlin Payroll software is compatible with the Microsoft Windows platform and is available for download on the Medlin website.

EMP files created by EVEmon require the Battle Clinic EVEmon character manager, which is available on the EVEmon website. EVEmon is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

If the EMP file is associated with Pro/ENGINEER, it is necessary to install the program in order to open this type of EMP file. Pro/ENGINEER is multiplatform and works with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.