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File Extension EMAIL

Files with the file extension EMAIL are typically associated with Microsoft Outlook Express. However, it is possible for this format to be related to other types of email clients. Microsoft Outlook Express is an email client which was included in earlier versions of Internet Explorer. The newer versions of Outlook Express are referred to as Mail Live.

The file extension EMAIL contains content which is used for an email message and is also related to the extension EML. The file is usually a plain text file of a standard structure with the email header and the message. The header portion of the file generally contains the email address of the sender and the recipient, time, date, and the title of the message. In some cases there are also hyperlinks and other components included in the file, such as HTML.

How to Open EMAIL File

If you have received a file with an EMAIL extension and you are unsure what program created it, you can try double clicking on it to see if one of the programs you have installed on your PC can open the file by default. This may save you time trying to figure out what program is associated with the file.

If you cannot open the file and you use the Windows operating system, you can go to the Microsoft Download Center website and obtain the Outlook Express version that is appropriate for your operating system. Outlook Express is available as a free download and is also offered in a Mac OS version.

You can also opt to use Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail. Both programs are offered on the Microsoft Download Center website as a free download and capable of opening a variety of different file extensions, including EMAIL format.

Since EMAIL file extension is text-based, you can also open and view the contents using a Text editor such as Notepad or WordPad for Windows. Simply right click on the file and choose Open With from the drop-down menu. On the submenu select the text editor you want to use or click on Browse if the program is not displayed in the list.

If you use Mac OS X, you can open EMAIL files using TextEdit. For the Linux operating system EMAIL files can be opened using gedit open source text editing program.

EMAIL files can also be opened by converting them to the extension EML. When you have the file open in your text editor, you can click on File and then Save As, change the extension to EML and then click Save. EML files can be opened using almost any email client since they comply with the industry RFC 822 standard for Internet text messages.