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File Extension DXR

Files with the file extension DXR are associated with multiple programs and applications which include Adobe Acrobat, Green Building Advisor, and Protected Macromedia Director. DXR files contain data and information related to the program that created them.

If a DXR file is associated with Adobe Acrobat, it is a data file type which contains elements that allow you to work with the Portable Document Format (PDF) by Adobe. The information in the file defines the structure of the PDF document as opposed to instructions you typically find in a program file. Adobe Acrobat is a software application designed by Adobe System to help you communicate more efficiently using PDF documents.

DXR files which are created by Green Building Program Advisor are a data file type that contains vector graphics, images, mathematical calculations, text, lines, objects and other elements which are necessary for designing floor plans, plumbing infrastructure, ductwork and ventilation systems, and other energy-related systems associated with building structures. Green Energy Advisor provides information on building and remodeling energy-efficient homes and commercial structures.

If the file extension DXR originates from Protected Macromedia Director, it is a video file type that contains elements necessary for playing videos. The contents include video clips, images, titles, codecs, and other non-editable components.

How to Open DXR Files

If you are unsure about the origin of the DXR file, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default application. Since DXR files can be comprised of different file types, you may have a program installed on your PC that is capable of opening them.

If the file is associated with Adobe Acrobat, you can open it using Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader, which available as a free download from the Adobe website. You can also convert the file to another format using a file conversion program. There are a variety of file conversion programs available as a free download from websites such as CNET and Softpedia.

If the DXR files are created by Green Building Advisor, it is necessary to have the Green Building Advisor software installed on your PC. You can also try using an open source CAD (Computer Aided Design) program such as Google SketchUp to open this type of file. Keep in mind if you use another CAD program to open the file, you may lose some of the original formatting.

DXR files created by Protected Macromedia Director Movie can be opened using Adobe Director 11.5 or Adobe Shockwave Player, which is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X. If you are looking for a multiplatform application, you can use Echo One iSwiff, which is available as a free download on the Echo One website and is compatible with Windows, Mac, and the Linux operating system.