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File Extension DVF

The file extension DVF is associated with Sony Digital Voice Player, which is a software application produced by Sony Corporation. Digital Voice Player is a free application which supports multiple formats including DVF, WAV, MSV, and ICS. The formats are used with a line of Sony recording devices, such as the ICD-BP120, MS1, and R100 recorders.

The DVF file extension is a format which is proprietary to Sony and is created using one of the Sony voice recording devices described above. DVF files are categorized as an audio file type which contains audio clips that are saved as recorded voice dictations. Although DVF files are saved in a proprietary format, it is possible to select the bitrate as well as convert the files to a more common format such as WAV for use with a broader range of media applications.

How to Open DVF Files

If you are using the Windows operating system, the file extension DVF can be opened using the Sony Digital Voice Player which is available for download on the Sony eSupport website. Digital Voice Player version 2.1 is free software which is designed for use with Sony IC Recorder files and is compatible with Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000.

DVF files can also be opened using Sony Digital Voice Editor 3.3.01, which is an application that saves recorded messages created with the Sony IC recorder to a PC hard drive. The messages are stored as individual messages or as a series of folders and can also be transferred from a PC to a Sony IC recording device.

Sony Digital Voice Editor 3.301 is available for download on the Sony eSupport website and is designed for use with Windows 2000 and later. Digital Voice Editor is not compatible with the 64-bit versions of Windows XP. In this case, you can use Microsoft Windows Media Player which is typically preinstalled in the Windows operating system. To open the file extension DVF, you must also add the Sony Player plugin to Windows Media Player. The plugin is available on the Sony website.

Switch Audio File Conversion by NCH Software is an application which can be used to convert and encode sound files for the Windows operating system and Mac OS X. Switch Audio File Converter is a universal audio converter which supports a wide variety of audio formats, compresses sound files, and includes a batch audio converter to convert thousands of audio files. Switch Audio Converter is available in a free trial version on the NCH Software website and is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

It is also important to mention although DVF is proprietary to Sony, there is an earlier DVF format which is a graphics file type used with DVStudio camcorders. In this instance, the file can be opened using a variety of DVStudio camcorder graphics freeware which is available for download on the FileBuzz website.