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File Extension DUS

The file extension DUS is associated with Readiris Pro by I.R.I.S, which is a software application that converts a variety of documents into a format which can be easily searched and edited using multiple programs and applications. Readiris Pro is capable of converting documents to more than thirty different formats and provides a way to upload the converted documents to the cloud.

The DUS file extension is categorized as a miscellaneous font file type which contains a dictionary of font styles. The purpose of the file is to provide a way to read a variety of different text when documents are converted to different formats using Readiris Pro. The file is commonly installed with Readiris software and automatically recognizes text to prevent the user from having to retype everything when a document is converted.

The file extension DUS is typically identified as DPE.DUS once it is installed with the Readiris Pro scanner. The scanning wizard is embedded and used to scan paper documents so they can be converted to a format specified by the user. Documents can also be scanned to the cloud for use with applications such as, Evernote, Dropbox, and Google docs, which are cloud applications used for sharing and collaboration.

How to Open DUS Files

The DUS file extension can be opened using the Readiris 14 Pro or Readiris 14 Corporate software applications. The difference in the two versions is in the features offered for each application. The Pro version is designed for the private user and has a reduced compression rate, limited amount of pages which can be converted, and provides access to one license.

Readiris 14 Corporate is designed for small to large businesses and offers a higher file compression rate, an unlimited amount of document conversion, and up to three user licenses. The corporate version also offers enhanced features which are not offered with the Pro version. They include recognition of business cards, extended cloud connectors barcoding to allow documents to be saved to specific output locations, indexing tools which define the output file location, and more.

Both versions of Readiris will open the file extension DUS and provide useful features, such as converting paper and images into digital text which can be edited, the ability to upload documents to the cloud, import virtually any paper document, including those from any scanner, digital camera, or mobile device, and the ability to export documents to a wide variety of applications, to name a few features.

Both Readris 14 Pro and Readris 14 Corporate software applications are available in a paid version on the I.R.I.S Link website. If you are using Windows, both versions of Readris are compatible with Windows XP and later. For Mac OS X, each version of Readris is compatible with Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, and Mountain Lion; however, earlier versions are not supported.

DUS files can also be opened using a font application such as AMP Font Viewer which allows you to manage fonts as well as view installed and non-installed fonts. AMP Font Viewer 3.86 is available as a free download on the AMPSoft website and is compatible with the Windows operating system. For Mac OS X, you can use Mac Basics FontBook, which is a software application that provides a way to manage fonts. MacBook is available for download on the Apple website.