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File Extension DO

Files that contain the DO extension can be associated with multiple programs and applications. The most common applications which create DO files are Apache Tomcat or IBM WebSphere if the file is a Java servlet. The file extension DO is also commonly created as a disk image binary file, which is an effective tool for backing up files, folders, and other data.

If a DO file is associated with a Java program and runs as a Java servlet on a web server, the file contains data that facilitates the generation of dynamic web page content. Java servlets are created using Java programming language for the purpose of extending web page capabilities that respond to user requests over the Internet. The DO file is connected to a Struts controller, which runs the file as XML on a web server that supports JSP or Java Server Pages. The files are then viewed using a traditional web browser.

DO files can also be disk images that contain a duplicate of the complete data and structure which originates from a specific source medium. The data is replicated to a CD or DVD disk for the purpose of storage and backup. DO files are part of an ISO format and can contain any type of data which can be burned to a disk image format.

How to Open DO Files

DO file extensions can be associated with a wide variety of programs and applications which include more than the two primary file formats mentioned above. For this reason, try double clicking on the file to see if it automatically opens in the default program which is associated with it. You can also try right clicking on the file and then choosing Properties from the drop-down menu. In the Properties window click on the Details tab to see if the program of origin is listed in the description.

If the DO file is a Java servlet, you can open it using Apache Tomcat, which is an open source software program which allows to open and edit DO files and implement Java Server Page technologies. Apache Tomcat is compatible with Windows, Max OS X, UNIX and the Linux operating system. You can also use any type of web browser to view the web page which contains the Java servlet DO file.

If the DO file is a disk image file, you can use AppleWin to open and view its contents. AppleWin is an emulator application that recognizes many different formats, including DO files. You can also opt to use Apple2 Oasis, which allows you to open and read disk image formats, including the file extension DO.