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File Extension DBX

The DBX file extension is associated with a folder that is created in the Microsoft Outlook Express email client and is used for storing user messages on your PC. Outlook Express is an email and news client which was included in earlier versions of the Internet Explorer web browser. In current versions, DBX files are related to Microsoft Mail Live and are named according to the email inbox folders they represent.

DBX files contain data related to email functions, such as inbox messages, drafts, deleted messages, and sent messages. The files act as a primary index file for the contents of an Outlook Express inbox. If a DBX file is accidentally deleted, Outlook Express will automatically create another file that describes the folder indexes such as inbox.dbx, drafts.dbx, etc., in addition to folders.dbx which will contain a list of all your email folders for Outlook Express or Mail Live.

How to Open DBX Files

DBX files can be opened using a variety of different applications which work with the Windows operating system. The most common way to access and open DBX files is by using Microsoft Windows Live Mail or Outlook Express if you happen to have an older version of Internet Explorer installed on your PC.

If you have Outlook Express and the DBX files have become damaged or corrupt, you can download a copy of Remo Recover Outlook Express from the Remo Software website. Once you recover the DBX files, they will contain the EML extension and can easily be imported by dragging and dropping the files back into Outlook Express. This will restore the files to Outlook Express in the DBX format.

DBX files can also be extracted from the folder using a program such as DBXtract. This program allows you to choose multiple DBX files and extract them to subdirectories, which are named after the files you have chosen to extract. For example, if you are extracting the Draft DBX file, the files will be saved and stored in the Draft subdirectory.

Other DBX Associations

DBX file extensions can also be associated with AutoCAD, which is a Computer-Aided Design program that creates drawing and diagrams in 2D and 3D. In this case, DBX files are opened using Autodesk AutoCAD, which is compatible with the Windows operating system.

DBX files can also be associated with Microsoft Visual FoxPro, which is a program that creates database applications and components. DBX files related to FoxPro contain data which defines tables, cells, fields, text styles, and other components typically included in a professional database structure. DBX files of this type can be opened using Visual FoxPro, which is compatible with the Windows operating system.