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File Extension DAA

DAA files are disk image files in a compressed format that are used for backing up CD and DVD content in order to provide an exact copy of the CD/DVD file. DAA stands for Direct Access Archive and is a file format that was created by PowerISO which is a maker of DVD software. DAA format is used to back up movies on DVD, store DVD backups, use virtual CD/DVD programs, and for burning DVD copy at a later date.

DAA files are typically used to place a DVD backup copy on the Internet due to some of the advanced features which are offered with this type of format. First, the format is much smaller than an ISO file since it contains multiple smaller files as opposed to a single disk image. This makes uploading and downloading much easier and faster. Additionally, it is possible to password protect and encrypt disk images which are in the DAA format. This creates a secure method for transmitting files over the Internet that cannot be intercepted by unwanted intruders.

How to Open DAA Files

Since PowerISO owns the license for DAA file formats, the primary method used for opening such files is by downloading and installing the PowerISO program. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X and if you use Linux, you must download and install PowerISO for Linux.

Once you have downloaded and installed PowerISO, you can double click on the DAA file and your operating system will open PowerISO by default to extract any files contained in the disk image. PowerISO is also capable of creating an internal drive which allows you to mount DAA files. This process allows you to instantly play the DAA file instead of having to burn it to disk before you can use it.

You can also choose to convert the DAA file to another format such as ISO using the Windows DAA Conversion Utility. This is a free program that contains a ZIP file along with source code and a binary file for Windows. You can convert the DAA file by using the DVD2ISO feature to point to the first file in your DAA archive to convert the DAA file to an ISO file. The result is an ISO file in a single output which can be burned to DVD using Windows ImgBurn software.

For Mac OS X you can use the Twilight Edge DAA Converter which is a free utility for converting DAA files to the ISO format. For the Linux operating system you can use AcetoneISO open source file conversion software to convert DAA files to the ISO format. This program is free and integrates well with KDE cross platform applications.