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File Extension CTT

CTT files are associated with older versions of Microsoft Windows Live Messenger up to 4.6. The older versions of the CTT files are in text format and the newer versions are in XML format. CTT files are used to store contacts for the MSN Messenger client.

These files can also be related to network protocols for the CAIL Suite, which is a data acquisition tool used for data storage and communication tasks related to networks. In this case, the CTT file extension contains data related to network storage and multi-platform communications.

If CTT files are associated with MSN Messenger, then the files are exportable and contain a list of contacts which are stored in your local address book. The files can contain plain text or metadata which will depend on whether the file is in text or XML format. Newer Messenger versions are able to connect to user accounts that are previously created and can be updated with the entire contact list information.

If the format is used by the CAIL Suite, then it allows many connectivity solutions between contrasting operating systems and communications protocols. The file format is used by CAIL and CAIL Total Tandem with features that protect connections from exploits.

How to Open CTT Files

CTT files that are created by Windows Live Messenger are files that are proprietary to Microsoft. They can be easily imported by clicking on File and choosing Import Contact from the drop-down menu in the Messenger application.

If CTT files are in text format, you can easily open and edit them in Notepad or WordPad in Windows. Simply right click on the file and then choose Open With from the drop-down menu. Select the text editor from the submenu or click on Browse to locate the program if it is not listed on the menu. Choose the text editor to open the CTT file you want to view.

If the CTT file is in XML format, there is a method you can use to convert the file to CSV format so you can open and view the contents. Simply right click on the CTT file and choose Rename from the drop-down menu. Change the file extension to XML and then open a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice spreadsheet. Click on File and then choose Open from the drop-down menu. Click on the XML file you renamed and open it in the spreadsheet program and then save the file in CSV format.

If the CTT file is created by CAIL, you will need the CAIL program to open and view its contents. The program is available from the CAIL website in both a paid and demo version and works by host access across a wide variety of platforms and configurations.