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File Extension CRX

Files with the file extension CRX are associated with the Google Chrome web browsing application. CRX files are installer files, which are a plugin and add-on file type that contains a small code or program that is used to run applications in the Chrome browser.

CRX files can also contain codes which allow for the expansion of program functionality such as the implementation of new features and updates. The files are compressed ZIP files in which the extension name has been changed to CRX to indicate it is a zip file type created by Google Chrome. The contents can include JS and JSON files, which are JavaScript applications, images, and programs capable of installing other browser add-ons.

CRX files provide additional functionality for Google Chrome web browser and are available for installation by clicking on Tools in the web browser and then choosing Extensions from the drop-down menu. This will provide you with a list of CRX extensions which are already installed, or you can click on Get More Extensions to access a list of CRX files which are available in the Google Web Store.

How to Open CRX Files

You are limited in the number of methods you can use to open CRX files. Although the files are typically in a compressed format, you may not be able to open them using a standard decompression utility such as WinZip. Instead, if there is a reason for viewing the contents of a CRX file, you can use a program such as VaultClipse, which is a plugin that allows you to open and read such files. VaultClipse is compatible with Windows, Mac, and the Linux operating system.

If you use Windows, the best way to open CRX files is with Google Chrome web browser or Chromium.

For Mac OS X, you should use Google Chrome for Mac or Chromium for Mac.

In Linux you can open CRX files using Google Chrome for Linux or Chromium for Linux. Chromium is an open source application which generates source code for the Google Chrome web browser.

It is also important to mention CRX files for the Chrome browser can be made available on websites. In this case, the website typically provides an Install button which allows you to download the file, unpack the contents, and install the program for use with Google Chrome. If you obtain a CRX file using this method, use caution. Since CRX files can contain executable files, it is very easy for hackers to exploit this opportunity and insert a malware file into the executable. For this reason, you should double check to make sure the CRX file is being offered on a website that is trustworthy.