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File Extension CONFIG

Files with the file extension CONFIG are associated with multiple programs and applications and various file types. The programs and applications include app configurations, Rockbox, and SWISH-E. CONFIG files contain data and information related to the program that created them.

If the CONFIG file is related to an application configuration, the file is a developer file type which contains data for developing specific software applications. The information pertains to application installation, settings and preferences, launching and running the application, and other configuration data which will vary according to the software application type.

CONFIG files that are associated with Rockbox are an audio and configuration file type that contains data related to running Rockbox firmware. Rockbox is designed to replace other media players and typically runs on an iPod, Sansa c200, and Toshiba Gigabeat X.

CONFIG files created with SWISH-E are a configuration file type which contains data for indexing web pages or other files over the Internet. SWISH-E is an open source application which is compatible with a wide variety of different document collections.

How to Open CONFIG Files

Since CONFIG files are associated with multiple programs and applications, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. CONFIG files can consist of different file types, so you may already have a program which will open the file for you.

If the CONFIG file is related to a configuration for a specific application and you use Windows, you can open the CONFIG file with Microsoft Visual Studio, which is a program designed for software developers or Adobe Dreamweaver CS6. Dreamweaver CS6 is part of the Adobe Creative Suite of applications and is designed to create web pages and web elements for dynamic interactive websites. For Mac OS X, you can use MacroMates TextMate or Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 to open CONFIG files.

This type of CONFIG file is also typically stored in plain text ASCII format. In this case, you can use Notepad or WordPad for Windows, Apple TextEdit for Mac, or gEdit and Nano Editor for Linux to open and view the contents of the file.

If the CONFIG file is created by Rockbox firmware and you use Windows, you can open them with BitComet, Playa!Trax Media Player, or Omni Encoder. For Mac OS X, you can use FLAC, Tunnelblick, or Vuze to open CONFIG files from Rockbox. Both Windows and Mac OS X can use Rockbox to open and install the file extension CONFIG.

If the CONFIG files are associated with SWISH-E, it is necessary to use the SWISH-E program to open and read this type of CONFIG file. SWISH-E is free software that is distributed under the GNU General Public License and can be downloaded from the website.