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File Extension COMICDOC

The file extension COMICDOC is associated with the Comic Life software application by Plasq. Comic Life provides a comprehensive set of tools which allows the end user to create professionally designed comics as well as photo albums, how-to illustrations, and more. The application offers a user friendly interface which provides easy drag and drop features that allow for quick and easy designs. Comic Life tools also include the capability to create a comic story using a webcam.

The COMICDOC file extension is categorized as a document and page layout file type which contains data used to create visual documents. The contents of a COMICDOC file can include but is not limited to graphics, illustrations, storyboards, layouts, colors, word art, and other elements which are commonly used in a comic book, how-to description, or photo album.

How to Open COMICDOC Files

If the file extension COMICDOC was creating using your PC, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC. COMICDOC files are limited in terms of the number of compatible applications, so you may already have a program which will open the file.

The most common way to open a COMICDOC file is by using the Comic Life software application which is available 30-day free trial on the Plasq website. If you are using the Windows operating system, you should use Comic Life 2.0 along with the first time installer application if you have not previously downloaded the Comic Life application. Comic Life 2.0 is compatible with Windows XP and later.

For Mac OS X, you can open a COMICDOC file using Comic Life 2.2.6 or the Comic Life and Comic Life Deluxe 1.5.5 package. Both applications are available as a 30-day free trial on the Plasq website and are designed for Mac OS X 10.4.11, 10.5.6, or later.

There is also a version of Comic Life available for iOS if you prefer to open the file extension COMICDOC using your mobile device. In this instance, you can use Comic Life 2.1.2 for iOS which is compatible with all models of the iPad, iPhone 3GS or better and iPod Touch 3rd generation or better and requires iOS 5.1 or higher.

Mobile users can also open COMICDOC files using Comic Touch or Comic Touch Lite in version 1.2.3 which is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and requires iPhone 3.0 or later.

All mobile Comic Life applications mentioned above are available on the Plasq website or by logging into the App Store.