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File Extension CL5

The file extension CL5 is related to Roxio Easy CD Creator 5, which is a CD authoring software application. Easy CD Creator 5 provides a professional set of tools for editing and converting videos for use with a wide variety of devices, including those with mobile technology. The software application is also designed with features which allow end users to rip music recordings as well as burn CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.

The CL5 file extension is categorized as a disk image file type which stores data that acts as a reference for authoring projects created with Easy CD Creator 5. The contents of a CL5 file include data and settings in addition to playlists, audio file references, and other elements to open and play a CD project.

CL5 files are solely used as a reference file, which means the contents do not include an actual video or music files. Instead, a CL5 file points to the content for playing a CD orDVDon a variety of different devices.

How to Open CL5 Files

The most common way to open the file extension CL5 is by using Roxio Easy CD Creator version 5. Easy CD Creator is available on the Roxio andCNETwebsites and is designed for use with the Windows operating system.

If a CD authoring project created with Roxio Easy CD Creator has been burned to a CD, you can open the file by inserting the CD into the CD/DVDdrive on your PC. If you are using the Windows operating system, inserting the CD should automatically open the CL5 file in Windows Media Player by default. Microsoft Windows Media Player is typically included in most versions of Windows by default or it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

Apple QuickTime Player will also open the file extension CL5 as long as the project has been burned to a CD orDVDdisc. Apple QuickTime Player is commonly included in Mac devices or it can be downloaded at no cost from the Apple website. QuickTime Player is also available in a Windows version on the same website.

Easy CD Creator 5 projects that contain the file extension CL5 and have been burned to a CD orDVDdisc can also be opened using an open source cross platform media player such as VLC Media Player or MPlayer. VLC Media Player is available as a free download on the VideoLANwebsite and MPlayer is offered as a free download on the MPlayer website. Both media player applications are compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and the Linux operating system.