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File Extension CHK

Files which contain the .CHK file extension are files that are typically associated with Windows Chkdsk/Scandisk command utility included in the Windows operating system. The files are created from this utility program and are fragmented files cleaned from the hard disk using this program. When errors are found, the ScanDisk or ChkDsk utility will store the file fragments as CHK extensions which are then stored in the Found folder after the disk check program has completed the scan.

Typically, it is safe to delete CHK files after the scan is complete; however, to be sure you may want to check on exactly what information the files contain. For example, if they contain temporary Internet file fragments, it is a safe bet to delete these CHK files permanently since they just occupy space on your hard disk unnecessarily. On the other hand, if the disk checking program scans your hard drive for bad sectors and you delete the CHK files which are saved following the scan, you may not be able to recover data at a later date in the event this is necessary.

How to Open CHK Files

As a general rule CHK files are always stored elsewhere on your hard disk in addition to the Found folder. However, if you want to open and view the contents of CHK files prior to deleting them or you have lost important files following a repair scan, there are a few programs for Windows you can use.

DIY Data Recovery CHK-Mate is an application you can use to determine whether CHK files contain junk content that you do not need or they contain necessary files for data recovery. CHK-Mate can be obtained from the DIY Data Recovery website and is capable of examining the contents of CHK files. If the data contained in the files is relevant, CHK-Mate will copy the file with the correct extension, which allows you to easily open it with the appropriate corresponding program.

If CHK-Mate cannot associate the content in the file with any known program, you are provided with the option to extract the contents to readable text in order to determine the level of importance for the file. CHK-Mate is File System independent, which means you can easily extract and view the contents of CHK file type.

You can also choose to use UnCHK, which is an open source utility program that can help you open and view CHK files as long as you are running Visual Basic 5. The same website can also allow you to use FileCHK, which is also open source. Both programs are compared on that website in the form of chart to allow you to choose which one best suits your needs for opening CHK files. There is also a host of suggestions for recovering files using UnCHK or FileCHK in the event you have lost your entire hard drive.