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File Extension CFM

CFM files are associated with Adobe ColdFusion, which is an application developed by Adobe Systems for building and launching Java-EE platform applications. The files are also designed for use with the ColdFusion server, which deploys web-based applications.

CFM stands for ColdFusion Markup language, which is a language used by web programmers to create web page content on the Internet that is interactive. The language creates dynamic elements capable of responding to user input. CFM is also known as CFML and is deployed by using tags responsible for performing server-side tasks that respond to user queries.

CFM files contain code that facilitates dynamic web page content. The code is designed to access a Flash database and is often accompanied by basic Hypertext Markup Language or HTML commonly used in web page design.

How to Open CFM Files

Since CFM files are exclusive to Adobe Systems, you are limited in terms of the methods which are used to open and edit this type of file format. Unless you are a programmer, there is usually no need to edit CFM files; however, there are instances where you may want to view the file.

If you use Windows, you can view and work with CFM files with Adobe Dreamweaver, which is a web page design program used for CFM and HTML in addition to working with mobile apps. It is also possible to use Adobe ExtendScript, which is a scripting utility tool that is compatible with Adobe applications including Java-EE. CFM files can also be viewed in any web browser and if you want to view the code, you can use a text editing program for Windows such as Notepad or WordPad to open and view CFM files.

For Mac OS X, CFM files can be opened and edited with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 or New Atlanta BlueDragon, which delivers ColdFusion Markup Language on your operating system or a web server. You can also open and view CFM files using any web browser of your choice. If you want to view the code contained in the CFM file, you can use Apple TextEdit to open the file and view the contents.

For the Linux operating system, you can open CFM files using a web browser or text editing program such as gEdit. New Atlanta BlueDragon is an open source program that will open CFM files in Linux or you can opt to use Railo, which is a fairly new program released under the GNU license that allows you to work with CFML.

If you are looking for a multiplatform program to open CFM files, Adobe ColdFusion 10 works with Windows, Mac, and the Linux operating system.

CFM file extensions can also be associated with the CorelDRAW Font Master file, which is a vector graphic editing application. In this case, you can open CFM files using the CorelDraw Graphics Suite.

CFM file extensions can also be related to Visual dBASE customer forms. In this instance, a CFM file can be opened using the dBASE program, which is a database management system designed to work with Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux.