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File Extension CACHE

Files with the file extension CACHE store data for a specific program or application. CACHE files provide a way for you to quickly download recently viewed information that pertains to a specific application. The data is stored in a disk cache for the program or application it is associated with.

CACHE files can be related to any type of program or application, including those you use on the Internet. This type of file can contain data associated with your web browser, operating system, servers, client computers, and a variety of other technologies.

Since CACHE files typically store files of recently viewed information over time, the files can grow to be quite large. For PC users who are not aware of what a cache file is, this can present problems down the road after an extended period of PC usage. If the CACHE files are allowed to grow, this can cause problems with system performance and issues with installing new programs since there may not be enough disk space.

CACHE files are not meant to be opened and are basically a temporary file type that can be deleted to create more disk space on your PC. The files are referenced by the application they belong to only for the length of the session when you are using the program.

How to Open CACHE Files

There is really no reason to open CACHE files and instead, you should clear them from your PC to keep the operating system running at optimum level. There are many software programs that will help you clean out such files to open up disk space. Some of the programs include Cacheman, Cache Booster, and Cache Cleaner.

One of the applications where CACHE files can build up to be quite large is in your browser. If you frequently use the Internet, your browser will store the data from sites you have visited to allow the data to be easily accessed when you return to those websites. Although this may be helpful, CACHE files can cause your browser to crash and slow down PC system performance if they are allowed to become too large.

CACHE files can be cleared in your browser under the Tools option on the main toolbar of your browser. Depending upon the browser you use, these files are typically located under Tools and by clicking on Options on the pull-down menu. The CACHE files can be cleared under the Clear Recent History feature in this area of your browser.

It is also important to mention that there are instances when CACHE files should not be deleted from the operating system. One of them is when the Central Processing Unit (CPU) is connected to the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your PC. In most operating systems, there is a CACHE located in between these two components which is linked with the cache controller on the motherboard. This type of CACHE is critical to the performance and speed of your operating system and should never be tampered with or removed from the operating system.