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File Extension BUP

A file with a BUP file extension is necessary for using a DVD player on your PC. BUP files work as a backup for files with the IFO extension. Both types form a VOB file, which is a standard format for running your DVD player. Without these components you cannot run a DVD player on your PC.

BUP stands for backup, so the file essentially contains data from an IFO file. In the event the IFO file gets damaged or corrupt, BUP file acts as a redundant data file. It does not contain the actual multimedia data and instead stores information about the contents of the DVD.

How to Open BUP Files

You can open and view BUP files using a variety of DVD tools that can be used with Windows operating system, Mac OS X, or Linux. Some of the popular programs include WinDVD, InterVideo, and Cyberlink which work with Windows.

If you use Mac OS X, you can use Apple DVD Studio Pro. For Linux VLC player works well for opening BUP files. All programs are easy to use and provide you with an intuitive interface which instructs you on opening files with the file extension BUP.

To open and play BUP files, you simply download and install any of the above mentioned DVD tools. Once you install the player it may be necessary to install an MPEG2 decoder which is available for download from a number of sites that offer codecs for different purposes. Then you launch the player, click on File and choose Open from the menu. Click on the VIDEO_TS file you want to open and then press the Enter key.

In the event you are unable to open the file if the BUP backup file has become corrupt, there are many software applications available for download online to help you repair and open BUP files. The software retrieves the data from the corrupt BUP file, so you can access the data and make a copy. The data is typically not encrypted, which makes it easy to use a program such as 7-Zip to copy the data in a BUP file.

If for any reason it is necessary to burn multimedia files that contain BUP backup files, the entire VIDEO_TS folder can be burned to a DVD using a program, such as ImgBurn. To burn the files, you must download and install the DVD burning program of your choice, then navigate to Write files and folders to disc. Choose the VIDEO_TS file that contains the file extension BUP and then click on Add the DVD files and burn them to the DVD.