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File Extension AVI

Files with the file extension AVI are a common video format which can be used with a broad range of media applications, including viewing videos on the Internet. AVI stands for Audio Video Interleave File. It is a file that is compressed with a variety of codecs for playing the contents of the file.

AVI files contain data related to video and audio in addition to codecs related to MP3, AC3, Microsoft Adaptive Differential Code Modulation and Uncompressed Pulse Code Modulation. ADPCM is an audio format which has been optimized to store digital voice data in a smaller file size. UPCM refers to digital analog signals, which include sampling rates making them ideal formats for storing digital recordings. Other codecs stored in AVI files can include DivX, Cinepak, MJPEG, and XVID codecs.

How to Open AVI Files

Since AVI files are a common media container format based on the Resource Interchange File Format, you can use a wide variety of programs to open and play AVI files or convert them to another format. You can also use a number of different video editing programs to work with AVI files.

If you use Windows, you can open and play AVI files with Windows Media Player as long as the appropriate codecs are installed. You can also use ALLPlayer, Roxio Creator 2012, RealNetworks Real Player or Nullsoft Winamp Media Player 5.6. For editing purposes, you can use Xilisoft Video Converter or Xilisoft DVD Creator and to convert AVI files, you can use virtually any video file conversion program, such as Zune or PSP Video Converter.

For Mac OS X, you can open and play AVI files using Apple QuickTime for Mac, MPlayer for Mac, or Plex Media Center for OS X. If you want to open and edit AVI files, you can use Wondershare DVD Creator for Mac or Aimersoft DVD Ripper. To convert AVI files to another format, you can use Wondershare Video Converter for Mac or ShedWorx Smart Converter.

If you use the Linux or UNIX operating system, you can open and play AVI files using XBMC, RealNetworks RealPlayer, or Xine. The latter will also decode multimedia files and display streaming media video from the Internet. To convert or edit AVI files, you can use AviDemux, which is a video editing tool that supports a wide variety of formats and is available as a free download.

If you are looking for a multiplatform application, you can use VideoLAN VLC Media Player or RealNetworks Real Player, which work with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can also choose to use a file conversion program to convert an AVI file to another format that is compatible with the operating system you use.