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File Extension AVERY

Files that contain the AVERY extension are associated with Design and Print by Avery, which is an online web application for creating desktop publishing products. The online application is used to create and print labels, business cards, greeting cards, and other items associated with desktop publishing.

AVERY files contain data related to publishing design and can include text, graphics, font styles, and other components. The files are created using the online application before you place them in PDF format for the purpose of printing to a standard printer.

In order to access AVERY files, you must use the Avery web page. The files are also associated with the ZDL extension which requires the Avery DesignPro application in order to access the files. This program is available on the Avery web application website.

How to Open AVERY Files

Since AVERY files require the assistance of the online web application, this type of extension cannot be opened by double clicking on it. Instead, an AVERY file must be opened directly from the website which offers the online web application.

To open an AVERY extension, log onto the Avery Design and Print Online website and then choose Open Project which is located on the lower part of the page. Locate the AVERY file you want to open by clicking on Browse and then upload it to the Avery website.

If the AVERY file is being stored in your online account, it is necessary to click on Sign In and then enter your username and password. Once you are signed into your account, you will see a catalog of files in the My Saved Projects section. The saved projects are located on the Avery Design and Print web page once you sign in. Simply click on the AVERY file you want to open and then view and work with the file under Customize.

If the AVERY file has been saved as a ZDL extension, it is possible to open it using the Avery DesignPro program. This application can be installed on your PC from the Avery website. Once you open the program, the Startup screen will appear. Click on Open Existing Project and then locate the ZDL file you want to open and double click on it. This will open the file in the DesignPro program.

If you are using the templates which Avery provides for the web application online, it is possible to open an AVERY file using Microsoft Word or applications from the Adobe CS6 Creative Suite, including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator.