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File Extension ASPX

About ten years ago Microsoft released a framework for website developers known as ASP.NET. The web application framework allows programmers to develop websites and applications through the use of ASP.NET source code, which works with the .NET framework by Microsoft.

ASPX stands for Active Server Page Extended. Files with the file extension ASPX are associated with ASP.NET since they contain ASP.NET code that is designed to allow your web browser to communicate with websites you visit on the Internet. Without this type of source and code your web browser would be unable to translate web pages and open them in the browser.

How to Open ASPX Files

ASPX files should never be deleted or modified since they are essential for viewing web pages in your browser. ASPX files are those that end with .aspx after the file name.

You can open any ASPX file using your web browser, such as Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer. The file extension ASPX can be opened on a Windows-based or Mac PC by clicking on File on the main toolbar of your browser.

Once you click on File, choose Open from the drop-down menu. Depending upon the browser you use, the selection may vary, such as Open or Open File or something close to those terms. When the dialog box opens, click on Browse to find the ASPX file you want to open and then click on OK.

You can also open a file with the ASPX file extension using Adobe Acrobat. This is typically the best way to open this type of file when you use Mac OS. All you have to do is choose Adobe Acrobat as the program to open it. After you save the ASPX file, simply use Adobe Acrobat to open it or just drag the file and drop it into Adobe. Once the code is processed on the web server, the HTML appears in the web browser.

It is also possible to open this type of file using a file converter if you have troubles opening the file with a web browser. If you Google the topic, you will find dozens of file converters that will place an ASPX file in a different format, so you can use it in your web browser.