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File Extension ASHX

The file extension ASHX is associated with ASP.NET Web Handler produced by Microsoft. ASP.NET Web Handler is a web server application which assists developers with creating web applications, interactive websites, and a variety of web services. ASP.NET Web Handler applications are cross platform and designed to be used with any web browser.

ASHX is categorized as a web file type that contains web page elements for a web page that has been processed using the ASP.NET Web Handler. The Web Handler is designed to process requests by the end user for access to specific content using IIS or Internet Information Services modules.

ASP.NET Web Handler requests are typically handled using a web browser. When the end user requests access to a specific web page, the web page which was processed with an ASP.NET Web Handler is sent to the user’s web browser. The page may contain references to other related web pages which are hosted on the ASP.NET Web Handler server.

Web pages which are processed using the ASP.NET Web Hander are commonly created using XHTML and .NET source code. In most cases the code is very brief as opposed to other pages which are written in more extensive source code.

How to Open ASHX Files

The file extension ASHX can be opened using any web browser and any operating system. The web browsers can include Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, and others. Depending upon the type of browser you are using, ASHX files can be opened on any platform such as Windows, Mac OS X, or the Linux operating system.

If you are a developer, ASHX files can be opened using the ASP.NET web application framework with the ASP.NET Web Handler. The Web Handler is available for download on the Microsoft ASP.NET website and is designed for use with the Microsoft Windows platform.

You can also opt to use Microsoft Visual Studio, which is a developer application used to create dynamic web pages, software applications, web applications, and web services. Visual Studio is designed for use with the Windows operating system and is available in a paid version on the Microsoft website.

The file extension ASHX can also be opened using Internet Information Services (IIS) for Windows Server. The web server technology is available on the Microsoft IIS website along with supported administration downloads for Windows Server.

If an ASHX file is sent as a PDF file from the ASP.NET Web Handler, the file will contain the ASHX extension. In this instance, you will be unable to read the PDF file using a PDF viewer or other compatible PDF application. Instead, you must right click on the file and change the extension from ASHX to PDF in order to open and view the contents of the file.

Since the file extension ASHX is typically in plain text source code, you can open and read the file using any text editing application. If you are using the Windows operating system, you can open ASHX files with WordPad, Notepad, TextPad, Open Office Write, or Microsoft Word. For Mac OS X, ASHX files can be opened using Apple TextEdit, AbiSource AbiWord, MacroMates TextMate, or MacVim. For the Linux operating system, you can use AbiSource AbiWord, gEdit, Leafpad, Pico, Nano Editor, or Vim to open and view the contents of ASHX files.