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File Extension APP

Files with the file extension APP are associated with multiple programs and applications and various file types. APP files are mainly related to Mac OS X, but the files can also be created by FoxPro, CA Visual Objects, and Symbian OS. The extension contains data and information that pertains to the program that created the file.

If the APP file is associated with Mac OS X, the file is an executable file type that contains data and information for launching applications on Apple devices. Since this type of APP file is an executable, when you double click on it, the application it is related to will automatically launch. The contents of the file can include installation framework, icons, plugins, and other files which are necessary for launching the application.

APP files created by FoxPro are a database file type that contains data used for database environments. The contents of an APP file can include database structures, text, mathematical calculations, charts, graphs, and other information which is typically used in database applications. FoxPro is a Microsoft desktop application based on dBASE and is used to access databases in a business setting.

If the APP file is created by CA Visual Objects, it is a various file type which contains programming data created by developers of Windows applications. Visual Objects is designed to help programmers accelerate the process of developing Windows applications which can be easily integrated with database systems, browsers, and web servers.

APP files are also created by Symbian OS, which is an operating system installed on mobile phones. This type of APP file is a various file type that contains data related to the software application that supports the file.

How to Open APP Files

Since APP files are associated with multiple programs and applications, double click on the file to see if it will automatically open in a default program you have installed on your PC or mobile device. Depending upon the type of APP file you are trying to open, you may have the appropriate program installed for opening it.

If the APP file extension is associated with Mac OS X, you can open the file by double clicking on it to launch the application on your device. As a word of caution, executable file types can potentially contain malware, which means you should be sure of the file origin before attempting to open it. On Mac OS X, right click on the APP file and then choose Show Package Contents to verify the contents of the file before you open it on your PC.

APP files that are created by Microsoft FoxPro can be opened using the Visual FoxPro application installed on a Windows-based PC. You can also open the file using Microsoft Access, which is an extension of the Microsoft Office Professional Suite of applications.

If the APP file extension originates from CA Visual Objects, it is necessary to install the Visual Object platform which runs on Microsoft Windows and Windows NT. The program is available for download from the Cavo website and requires a subscription to receive the latest updates and developments for Visual Objects.

Symbian OS APP files which are created for mobile phones can be opened using devices that have the Symbian OS installed. The devices typically include Nokia phones and mobile devices created by Sony and Samsung.